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“I’m Dr. Anastasia Maria Moschovi, honored to serve as the Head of the Research and Innovation Department at MONOLITHOS Catalysts and Recycling Ltd. Throughout my career, I’ve been dedicated to advancing catalytic materials and end-of-life product recycling, striving to propel a sustainable and circular economy. My professional journey has been enriched with active contributions to various research projects, focusing on the development and application of innovative catalytic materials. This work aligns with my passion for fostering sustainability, evident in my efforts towards promoting a circular economy.

I’m proud to have been recognized for my contributions, notably receiving the prestigious “Woman in Energy” Award at the 2023 European Sustainable Energy Awards (EUSEW Awards). This honor acknowledges my role as a Materials Engineer, bringing innovation to Greece’s energy sector and advocating for sustainable practices. The EUSEW Awards celebrate outstanding individuals and projects driving innovation in energy efficiency and renewables, and I’m humbled to be among those recognized for our dedication to sustainability and energy innovation.”

MONOLITHOS Catalysts and Recycling Ltd. is a distinguished Greek industrial SME specializing in manufacturing advanced catalytic materials across diverse sectors, including automotive, naval, energy, and tire applications. Our expertise also extends to the recycling and recovery of critical raw materials (CRMs) from unique secondary resources, such as automotive catalysts, electric motor permanent magnets, fuel cells/electrolyzers, and electric vehicle batteries. Established in 2000, MONOLITHOS engages in various core activities, encompassing the collection, sorting, and initial processing of spent automotive catalytic converters. We also import and trade automotive exhaust systems, solidifying our position as the leading company in Greece for aftermarket automotive catalytic converter production. Our Research and Innovation department, established in 2017, has significantly contributed to over 20 research projects and published 25 peer-reviewed scientific publications. Notably, our innovative hydrometallurgical approach earned recognition with the UK DIT Award from the Tech Rocketship Awards in 2022, highlighting our commitment to groundbreaking methodologies. Situated in Athens, MONOLITHOS boasts extensive industrial and laboratory facilities spanning 1500 m2. We also have additional premises in Thessaloniki and Cyprus. Our dedicated team consists of 30 individuals, with 15 holding MSc or PhD degrees, collectively contributing to our success in obtaining full licenses for the production and recycling of catalytic systems.

Our participation in the RELION project holds significant importance for MONOLITHOS. The project’s overarching goals resonate strongly with our company’s mission:

  • Developing an integrated B2B collection, treatment, and supply network for LIB CRMs aligns with our commitment to bolstering the battery recycling value chain in the ESEE region.
  • Transferring state-of-the-art LIB recycling technology to ESEE recyclers echoes our dedication to advancing sustainable recycling practices and improving the EU supply of secondary CRMs.

MONOLITHOS aims to showcase the economic and innovation potential of the Reli-ion processes, targeting a >7% efficiency increase in recycling capacity and emphasizing the tangible advancements intended for the ESEE region. Additionally, our focus includes piloting a technology mix at a scale to diversify the CRM feed. This endeavor seeks to ensure cost-effectiveness while exploring new business activities. Furthermore, the project provides an opportunity for us to engage in business matchmaking with local ESEE players, including LIB manufacturers, CRM buyers and traders, treatment centers, and collectors. This engagement aims to initiate B2B partnerships and establish crucial liaisons with policymakers. Our participation in the ReLi-ion project is a strategic step forward in our commitment to sustainable practices and advancing the circular economy in the ESEE region.

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