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SE&C IKE is an independent research and innovation SME committed to work towards sustainable
development mainly in the areas of Energy, Environment, Transport, ICT, Tourism and Urban Mobility.
SE&C provides insightful, timely and focused research on engineering solutions along with Business
services. SE&C is comprised by an expert team of high qualified researchers, engineers and innovation
managers focusing to provide and offer first class R&D&I services. SE&C has an expertise on the waste
recycling into formatting high added value materials from industrial and other waste, applying a simple
process which valorizes high amount of waste.

Dimitra Skentzou joins Re-Lion project on behalf of SE&C, as a junior researcher. Dimitra holds a degree
in Geology and Geoenvironment, and currently studies for her Masters degree in Material science and
technology. She has joined various EITRawmaterials projects, in communication and dissemination
activities, business strategy marketing, matchmarking and stakeholders’ events, as well as design of life
cycle assessment and material flow analysis.

In Re-Lion project, SE&C acts as a member of business development and capacity building organisations
(PROMEA, EXELIA, SE&C), as it will act as a node for the ReLi-ion supply chain in Greece, assuming the
role of network builder and knowledge amplifier. SE&C will collaborate closely with stakeholders in
Greece, leveraging their valuable insights and expertise to inform the project’s direction. Additionally,
they will establish effective communication channels with relevant actors to ensure seamless
coordination throughout the project. Furthermore, SE&C will assume responsibility for organizing a
matchmaking event and hosting a comprehensive training and funding workshop in collaboration with
Monolithos. These initiatives will serve as platforms for knowledge exchange and the promotion of
entrepreneurship. Following these events, SE&C will diligently compile and deliver detailed reports on
the proceedings, providing valuable insights and recommendations. Finally, SE&C will actively contribute
to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem by developing an array of business resources designed
to support the incubation of start-ups and accelerate the realization of innovative business ideas. This
proactive approach will enhance the project’s impact on fostering entrepreneurship and economic

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