Mapping report of potential business partners in ESEE partnership countries

Our report on potential business partners in ESEE partnership countries aims to increase our knowledge regarding the actors involved in Lithium-ion Battery (LIB) markets in ReLi-ion target countries.

Most actors fall within the LIB collectors and recyclers category, followed by ReLi-ion product end-buyers, R&D actors, regulators and policy makers, and business enablers.

Overall, the countries investigated do not yet have particularly developed LIB value chains, hence domestic markets are not as populated as in Western European countries. However, key trends, such as the rapid growth of the EV market, political developments pointing towards sustainable RM production and treatment, as well as the business expansion of top LIB players (particularly Asian) in the ReLi-ion countries, are expected to exponentially increase the number of actors by 2030.

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